Thomas Haas Patisserie – Vancouver

my cousin surprised me with a festive Yule Log from Thomas Haas!!!  and apparently.. she had to pre-order and could only pick it up on the 23th/24th!

my cousin ordered the Pistachio Cherry Yule Log

…Pistachio-almond cake, sour cherries, kirsch bavarian, white chocolate pistachio mousse….

i really like the pastry bottom..quite flakey and it makes the  cake different from others…. and the really had a strong pistachio  flavour..however, i didn’t really like the sour cherries.. too sour for my liking..even when i eat it together with the sweet mousse…

i like this more than the traditional christmas cake! maybe it’ll become my traditional christmas cake?


Thomas Haas Patisserie

2539 West Broadway Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6K2E9


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