Thomas Haas Patisserie – North Vancouver

our second stop on the dessert trip is to Thomas Haas… we trekked over the bridge to North Van..yes… just for dessert!

Thomas Haas is famous for their fine chocolate and artisan pastry.. we went there on a weekday afternoon and it was packed! we decided to order 3 pieces to try…

manjari chocolate cake..manjari chocolate mousse, manjari chocolate cake and manjari rum creme brulee..

almond mascarpone…light mascarpone cream, soft almond sponge cake with amaretto and coffee…

champagne truffle …. layers of champagne ganache between 3 layers of sponge cakes: chocolate, almond and hazelnut

the cakes were very delicious… not too sweet..soft…flavourful… it’s kind of expensive but u get your money’s worth…

my cousin bought me chocolates to takeaway and they were made up of 50% Criollo and 50% Trinitario beans!! so dark!!!

so worth the trek! and now they have opened a store in kitsilano!


Thomas Haas Patisserie

128-998 Harbourside Drive
North Vancouver, BC V7P 3T2
(604) 924-1847


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