Patisserie Lebeau – Vancouver

during my summer back in vancouver, i hardly had time to see my cousin (she always takes me out to eat and buys me yummy food!) cause i also vacationed in europe and she had just given birth to the most adorable baby boy! anyways.. she complained that i was leaving soon and we didn’t have any bonding time.. so she decided to apply for leave with her boss (aka. baby) and took my brother and i on a dessert trip!!

our first stop was to patisserie lebeau! it specializes in Belgian waffles…

there were samples waiting for my arrival!! i tried the white chocolate lemon waffle x2, their famous Liege waffle x1, and their chocolate waffle x1… u could probably tell i was full already!

anyways.. so we ordered 1 white chocolate with almonds waffle, 1 double chocolate waffle and a spinach and cheese waffle

<no pictures 😦  my cousin lost it>

.. the white chocolate waffle was really good! not to sweet! and the almonds added texture… about the chocolate waffle, i didn’t really think it was that special… and i really liked the spinach waffle! there were a lot of filling and it was really special cause i always had sweet waffles and not a savory one..

so…during this christmas break… i decided to take my parents there…

i ordered a lemon waffle…

i like! it’s warm and the lemon flavour wasn’t too sour! yumm! but my parents didn’t like it…….. dad says it’s no difference from the frozen waffles.. THERE IS TOTALLY A DIFFERENCE!!!..the waffle isn’t soggy at all!

and since my cousin is at home with the baby! i bought her a pack of mini waffles!

isn’t the presentation pretty? gold flakes on the chocolate waffle!


Patisserie Lebeau

1728 West 2nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6J1H6

Tel: (604) 731-3528


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