Kolkovna – Prague, Czech Republic

so.. i mentioned in the previous posts that the best goulash soup i tried was in prague… and it’s at Kolkovna …located a step away from Pařížská Street and the Old Town Square…it’s a great local find..

Kolkovna was voted the best pub in prague… but their food is also very good!

goulash soup…..this is amazing (dad wants to go back to prague again just for this)! it’s not salty…there’s a lot of filling in the soup..but it’s not too thick… and has a great taste!.. the soup is placed in hollow bread! if you decide to be frugal, after finishing the soup, you can eat the bread and you’ll be holding your stomach!

roasted duck….the skin’s really crispy… (sorta like the roasted chinese duck)..and the meat’s really tender.. and wasn’t gamey..

roast pork knuckle…the skin’s also crispy..and not fatty at all..meat’s not too salty and tender.. and when paired with the local beer, Pilsner Urquell, match made in heaven!
kolkovna is so worth going.. good food.. reasonable prices! and great atmosphere!
V kolkovně 8
110 00 Praha 1, Praha, Czech Republic
Tel: 224 819 701


One response to “Kolkovna – Prague, Czech Republic

  1. It looks so nice! I want to go too.

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