Butagumi Tonkatsu 豚組 – Hong Kong

Another cousin of mine.. who takes me out to eat almost every weekend.. invited me to dinner at Butagumi Tonkatsu (豚組)… well. i think i sorta invited myself this time…. anyways…

it’s famous for their deep fried items (especially their ultra thin fried pork…TONKATSU!!…pictured above)…

and! it’s pretty neat that they give you fresh sesame which you grind yourself.. and mix with their special sauce.. and it’s a fun opportunity to bond with my younger cousin once removed (aka..my cousin’s daughter)..

the ultra thin fried pork was really thin.. and it was huge.. had to cut it with the rolly pizza cutter.. the pork was fried really well..( cause sometimes.. the fried dough is really thick..) however…i didn’t think it was tender enough..

we also order a bunch of other stuff… fried oysters, prawns..and chicken? kinda forgot. but the oysters were really yummy!.. at other places.. the oysters are usually over fried.. but these were perfectly golden..

plus.. they serve unlimited rice and lettuce… o yah.. the fried foods taste better if you eat it with the lettuce..

good place for foodies who love fried food and tonkatsu..


Butagumi Tonkatsu 豚組

7/F The Goldmark, 502 Hennessey Rd,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


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