Monster Burger – Hong Kong

after trying Gourmet Burger Union.. i wasn’t really satisfied… and i heard about how Monster Burger’s really good.. so..the continuation of my burger quest!

isn’t the monster burger so cute???.. kinda reminds me of an ugly doll.. anyways.. it’s famous for the inch thick patty…… ok.. i’ve never measured my patty before…

i ordered the classic burger set….the fries were amazing… crispy enough…and not too salty.. yumm

the monster burger… not really scary..but deliciously appealing!!!  the patty was really juicy (unlike gourmet burger union) and the mayo is so good.. it’s japanese mayo… so good… do i need to repeat myself?

Monster Burger beats gourmet burger union hands down…


Monster Burger

21 Stanley st., Central


2 responses to “Monster Burger – Hong Kong

  1. ooo want to go for monster burger now! luved the patty! monster burger definitely beats gourmet burger!…p.s. have u tried mos burger?

  2. yea.. i waited 35 MINUTES IN LINE when it first opened… i wasn’t that thrilled with mos burger.. plus.. i finished it 10 x my usual fast speed cause i was so hungry.. but we could definitely go in jan!

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