Sheng Jian Bao – Shanghai

while walking from Huaihai Middle Road back to the four seasons… we discovered this Sheng Jian Bao restaurant on shanxi road south..

we first went there 5 years ago.. and it’s still there!!

it’s apparently famous for their sheng jian bao because they’re made of river shrimp meat..

the sheng jian bao’s skin is really crispy on the bottom.. and there’s a pool of soup (oil) inside! and the meat is really sweet..

and my parents really like their soy milk too!


nameless sheng jian bao shop

29 Shanxi road (south), Shanghai


2 responses to “Sheng Jian Bao – Shanghai

  1. the baos look like they have frosted icing on top haha….or maybe i’m just craving for some dessert!

  2. just craving dessert!
    we still have to go to chocolux!

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