Jesse 吉士 (Ji Shi) – Shanghai

i can’t believe i still haven’t blogged about my favourite restaurant…. anyways.. Jesse 吉士(Ji Shi) is my favourite restaurant… i go there everyday when i’m in shanghai…

my uncle (the one who introduced me to Ding Tai Fung) also introduced me to Ji Shi as it is his “canteen” and i fell in love with Ji Shi..the best Shanghainese food in the world! it is also the reason why i keep going back to Shanghai..

The restaurant is located in the French concession and inside the charming brick house, is a two level restaurant…it has only 10 ish tables (and there’s another dining room located next door and has only 3 tables) ..therefore.. you need to reserve a table a couple days before … it’s quite famous for its authentic cooking… Time Magazine listed it as the best restaurant in shanghai..celebrities and government officials are often seen dining the restaurant… despite its star appeal.. the restaurant is quite down to earth.. with attention paid only to the food… there’s hardly any service…

anyways.. onto the food…

my favourite shanghainese appetizer.. kao fu (braised wheat gluten)… it’s served warm.. and the spongy wheat gluten is soaked with the ultra tasteful  like sauce flavourful!!!   Ji Shi has the best kao fu!

another appetizer..salted chicken…the skin is crunchy and the meat is tender… you can’t have this chicken anywhere else..

my mom’s favourite appetizer.. jelly fish head in vinegar.. crunchy! of my favourite dishes @ jesse.. braised sea cucumber with shrimp roe…it’s braised until soft.. but still springy..and the shrimp roe adds to the flavour of the sauce..(sometimes.. the sauce is a bit too salty)

this is the most famous dish @ jesse… braised pork with bamboo shoots and cuttlefish…the thing that makes this special is the sauce.. yes.. the RICH and dark sauce.. i can eat a bowl of rice just cause of the sauce!! the pork has the thick later of fat on top.. then the meat.. then fat.. then meat again.. i usually don’t eat the fat.. but this fat is so good!  and the meat’s so tender!!!

another dish that taste better in shanghai.. stir-fried freshwater shrimp..shrimps were so fresh and sweet…plus! the shrimps’ deshelled!

pan fried fish.. the fish is huang hua yu.. crispy, no fishy taste, sweet fish meat.. yumm! no other pan fried fish can be compared to this

vegetable tofu crab meat/roe soup...soothing soup..hao qing…

other delicious plates (sadly.. no pictures)

chicken soup

crab fried with salty egg yoke (once..they ran out of salty egg yoke and couldn’t make the dish..but seeing how dejected i were.. the lao ban niang told one of the waiters to run out and buy salty egg yoke to make the dish!!)

crab meat/roe with jelly noodles or crab meat/roe with tofu (xie fen dou fu)

fried man tou

dates stuffed with glutinous rice

typing this made me salivate…. and i can’t wait to go back to shanghai in june to eat @ jesse again!! counting down!! D-6 months!!


Jesse 吉士 (Ji Shi)

No. 41, Tianping Road, Shanghai

Tel: +86-21-6282-9260.


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