Ice Monster – Taipei

i became an ice lover (after falling in love with Tong Bak Fu’s marshmellow ice) and when i went to taipei, i searched every where for ice dessert!

to continue my eating rampage in the Yong Kang area (Du Xiao Yue and Ding Tai Fung are also in the area)…i found Ice Monster!

Ice Monster is famous for its shaved iced and for having sorbet on top of the ice!

i ordered the mango combo and the shaved ice was topped with a fair amount of mango, a scoop of mango sorbet and a drizzle of evaporated milk…

a closer look!!

the mango sorbet was really good (not sour) and the mango pieces were a perfect accompaniment  for the ice

however.. if i had to choose between shaved ice or marshmellow ice, i would choose marshmellow ice because it has flavour (unlike the shaved ice which you have to eat with the mango or the ice would be tasteless)


Ice Monster

15, Yong Kang Street. Taipei


One response to “Ice Monster – Taipei

  1. ‘eating rampage’ –hahahaha! mmm that mango sorbet looks really good!

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