Tong Bak Fu 糖百府 – Hong Kong

i’m don’t like to eat ice or when my foodie aunt suggested to go to Tong Bak Fu (糖百府) ..i was

there was a lineup..and it was a bit cold (it was last march). and i wasn’t thrilled with the idea of waiting in the cold for ice..

to be safe.. i ordered the chocolate ice with red beans and mango… and omg! the ice didn’t taste like ice cause it tasted like ice cream!! it’s called “snow flake ice” so the ice flakes just melts in your mouth!! delicious!!

so now.. i’m obsessed with eating ice..and during our mong kok street food journey yesterday, we went to Tong Bak Fu and order green tea and guava!


Tong Bak Fu 糖百府

99 Hak Po Street, Mong Kok, HK

One response to “Tong Bak Fu 糖百府 – Hong Kong

  1. green tea one was awesome! and so much bigger haha

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