Cup Cakery – Hong Kong

so… i decided to dedicate a new post for Cup Cakery.. which we found during our mong kok eating tour..

it’s a really tiny shop and the cupcakes are relatively cheap ($10 HKD for one.. or $8 HKD if you buy 4 or more)

we ordered 3 to try: pistachio, hazelnut and coffee

unlike other cupcakes, the icings were all of different designs and had an aesthetic appeal… aren’t the purple icing balls cute? and it had gold balls on top!!!

however, the cupcake cake wasn’t as good as the ones i had elsewhere.. the cake wasn’t soft and fluffy. and it didn’t taste as buttery… i think my mom’s cupcakes tasted better… but the icing wasn’t that sweet…so it’s a plus!


Cup Cakery

56 Dundas Street, Mong Kok, HK

One response to “Cup Cakery – Hong Kong

  1. such efficient posting haha! …cupcakes were so cute and pretty! but yeah, didn’t quite taste as good as they looked lol

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