Ajisai Sushi Bar – Vancouver

!!!! so i’ll be arriving in vancouver in about 1 week 2 hours and 45 minutes!!!!! and my parents would be waiting at the arrivals with my ajisai takeout!!!!  yes. i’m that crazy for ajisai..  when i’m back home.. i’ll have ajisai every other day!

so what’s so special about it? the chefs are japanese (cause a lot of japanese restaurants have korean/chinese chefs); the sashimi’s fresh; they don’t have a kitchen (that’s why it’s a sushi bar); unique cooking (uses corn flakes in replacement of frying)

i’ve been going there for 7/8 ish years and the food has always been consistent  but the prices have gone up ….


filled with gracious amounts of chopped pieces of sashimi…topped with cornflakes and sprinkled with the best vinegar sauce ever…  there’s no better seafood salad than this ..

another favourite: uni ikura don!!!

my mouth is already watering from seeing this pic… what more can i say? the oil from the salmon roe …  the richness of the sea urchin… mmmmmmmmmm…

if they don’t have uni ikura don.. then chirashi!

my dad’s new fav.. and my cousin’s all time fav… COMBO B!

bc roll (aka salmon skin roe… apparently it’s only called bc roll in bc)… california roll... sukiyai rollchopped scallop roll.. dynamite roll..house special roll..

ajisai’s bc roll version is my favourite.. because they grill it right away.. so it comes out warm and the skin crunchy.. and it has fish roe sprinkled inside too!

and as mentioned earlier..ajisai doesn’t have a kitchen.. so for the dynamite roll, the prawn is not fried but it is compensated by corn flakes.. giving it the “crunch” factor

another favourite combo of mine….and it also comes with bc roll and california roll

for lunch, i usually order the sushi bento. but now.. i now.. i have a new fav lunch time bento!

the bc roll combo!! unlike the sushi bento (that has 1/2 bc roll; 1/2 california roll/ 1 salmon + 1 tuna + 1 ebi nigiri) this combo has 1 FULL BC ROLL and 5 nigiris! yah!!

do u see why i love ajisai..(except for their outraegously long lineups.. they don’t take reservations)?


Ajisai Sushi Bar

2081 West 42nd Ave
Vancouver, BC V6M2B4

Tel: (604) 266-1428


5 responses to “Ajisai Sushi Bar – Vancouver

  1. omg can we go there when i’m back in van? and you can eat all my raw stuff?

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