Xi Yan Flavours – Hong Kong

my foodie aunt took me to Xi Yan Flavours  in elements for an afternoon snack..

back then… i haven’t heard of Jacky Yu cause i don’t watch tvb programs.. anyways.. i got there.. saw his photo.. and then realized that my mom has his cookbook… that was when i knew he was famous!!

japanese green house tomato with wasabi sesame sause…. the sauce is really really good…and the plate was flooded with it.. so yay!! more sauce for dipping the tomato.  by the way.. his cookbook teaches you how to make this dish.. i’ll have to try to make it myself someday..

fusion!! crab roe + meat with baguette .. i like the combination… kind of like the crab dip my mom makes… but this is purely crab flavour!!

orange peel pork ribs… this is really really tasty.. with every bite, you can taste the orange peel favour… i love it!!

lycee ice-cream… it was ok.. but not as special as the other dishes…

after the visit, jacky yu became my celebrity chef idol!~~ he’s that inventive with his cooking!!!


Xi Yan Flavours

Shop 1027, ELEMENTS

Kowloon Station, Tsim Sha Tsui

Tel: (852) 2628 3909


3 responses to “Xi Yan Flavours – Hong Kong

  1. haha, j’ai faim ~ tu es une chanceuse!

    ur foodie aunt is so nice, takes u to all these places to eat!

  2. i kno!!!
    i also have foodie cousins too!!
    a foodie cousin is taking me somewhere new to eat tomoro!!

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