Yo Mama – Hong Kong

i’ve never liked yogurt .. even when i was sick and the doctor told me to eat yogurt… i ate a spoon.. and discarded the rest..    why? it’s because i don’t like the sour taste…

so i was kinda skeptical @ first when i heard about how good Yo Mama’s yogurt was… i gave in.. and for the first time in my life.. i was willing to try yogurt..welll. fro yo in this case..

the yogurt comes in 2 flavours (regular and green tea) and then you can pick your toppings!!

that day when i went, the green tea machine was broken.. so i had the regular flavour…and i picked oreo bits and nata de coco..

i had my first spoon of the fro yo and i fell in love!!! the yogurt wasn’t that sour.. and it taste pretty good..

now. i’m addicted to Yo Mama’s fro yo!!


Yo Mama
16 Wing Fung Street
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2865 5600


One response to “Yo Mama – Hong Kong

  1. so i’m supposed to be printing off architec now and running off to the main camp to hand it in…buut i’m too distracted by your food blog! the croissants look so GOOD haha! i want to try yogurt this week!

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