Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 – Taipei

so..i’ve visited the Din Tai Fung in Singapore and Hong Kong..it wasn’t as good as Shanghai.. but o well…

anyways.. on my to do list…was to visit the original Din Tai Fung in taipei.. and so i did! this march! and ate there 3 times!

the first time i went there, i had to wait for half an hour.. and then i got smarter…and got there before their opening time..

so.. i ordered my usual but found something new…

steamed mashed red bean dumplings and steamed mashed taro dumplings!!  (5 of each)

steamed mashed red bean dumpling was a bit too sweet..

steamed mashed taro dumpling was heavenly!! soft.. not to sweet.. so not too filling.. love.. and i didn’t like taro before

i have now added steamed mashed taro dumplings to my order list!


Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 (the original store)

194 Xinyi Road Section 2, 2321-8928


5 responses to “Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 – Taipei

  1. *drools* at the last pic, okay seriously i’m getting hungry now! do they have the ‘mashed taro dumpling’ in the HK ding tai fung?

  2. Din Tai Fung has three franchised operations (two in LA and one in Bellevue, Washington) in United States. We managed to dine out at one of their LA restaurants. The place was packed even at 9 pm! Fortunately, the wait for a table was only 10 minutes. We ordered the famous Hsiao Lung Bao plus a few other dishes and the Red Bean Dumplings. The HLB was the best I’ve tested. However, according to my family who’s been overseas, the American offering is not as good as the Shanghai version. So, what’s the reason for the difference…ingredient or skilled workers? Overall, the dinner and service were excellent. I will definitely try the Bellevue location and compare to see if there’s consistency. Let’s hope, the wait time for a table there is not over an hour.

    • Uncle Sam! Thanks for the LA din tai Fung review! I haven’t had the opportunity to try their us branches but I think the difference maybe due to the quality of meat cause the meat in Asia has more taste. You have to come to hk and we can go to dtf!

  3. Great Pictures of Din Tai Fung. I’m working on a video which includes the restaurant they just opened in the US in Bellevue, Wa. I’m wondering if I can license the picture you took of the outside of the Taipei store for use in the video. Can you please shoot me an email?

    If my email address doesn’t show up for you, you can make contact through my website at http://www.friendlyvoice.com.

    Thanks for posting such great pics!


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