Rose’s Luxury – Washington, D.C.

I’m wayyyyyyyyyyyy behind with my posts but I’m going to skip all the previous eats and blog about the “best new restaurant” in America, Rose’s Luxury.  This is another one of those crazy waits as Rose’s was just rated by Bon Appétit as the best new restaurant last month and it doesn’t take reservations.

When I first researched on DC eats, Rose’s hasn’t been named best new restaurant yet so I didn’t anticipate the 2-4 hour waits… until the hotel concierge told me to arrive by 4pm to line up for dinner.  Rose’s opens at 5:30……

We got there at 3:55pm and was 2nd in line.  I made new friends while waiting in so it made the 95 mins pass by in a flash.  They were foodies and gave great foodie recommendations for DC and NYC.  Thanks!!!

By 5pm, there were around 80 people in line! A patrolling officer passed by and said this was the shortest line he’s seen…..

Rose’s Luxury serves southern comfort dishes with a Mexican, Asian and European flare.  The chef had previously worked with David Chang, of Momofuku! which we would try at our next stop in NY.

bing cherry, basil, lime, ginger beer….very interesting combination and oh so refreshing.. I think I’ll add beer to my homemade juices now.

Our new friend in line has a friend who’s a frequent VIP patron of Rose’s … so all the dishes we ordered were his recommendations:

sesame bread with butter drizzled in honey and topped with sesame and salt.. the honey butter just turns normal bread into a sophisticated side..

pork sausage, habanero and lychee salad…. this is their most famous dish… This dish requires mixing to infuse the flavours together.. Interesting approach to an Asian salad…

when mixed together, it looks something like this

watermelon salad with feta cream, black olive oil and watermelon radish.. tasted very freshing with hints of sweetness and saltiness… but was it worth 12 USD for cubes of watermelon????? It seems like the chef likes fruit salad.. I should try making it too..

mexican grilled corn salad, guajillo, lime and cilantro…. simple dish but made with sophistication..

honey -glazed carrots, mascarpone, matzo meal and dill... I feel like this dish is very healthy and organic..yumm! baby carrots!

linguitinni with saffron, shrimp, butter and lemon… this was our most favourite dish cause it has the most flavour.. buttery and strong shrimp taste.. yummm

classic cacio e pepe…. this was a free sample!  Classic cheese and pepper pasta…and even with this simplicity, this dish shines.

sfoglini rigatoni with melted heirloom tomatoes, basil and eggplant….. another classic pasta dish..but the sauce tasted very fresh… and obviously, the pasta was al dente.

English pea cake, mint curd, pistachios and buttermilk… This is ultimate dessert eye candy…. The presentation of this dessert is that of an English garden…

another view of the garden…. it’s too gorgeous to eat!

but I did eat.. and it tasted exquisite….. pieces of cake, mixed with all my favourite things, mint, pistachios and buttermilk.. ughhh so good!

goat’s milk stracciatella, raspberries, spicy meringue….. this was another free sample! The stracciatella, when paired with the spicy meringue, was a winning combination for the taste buds as it neutralizes each flavour.  For those who don’t like goat’s milk, you can’t really taste it.

smoked celery root mascarpone with chamermile honey ice and brown butter-walnut crumble…. This was sorta like my breakfast yogurt parfait.. but not really.. as the ingredients used were so unique… smoked celery root..   Who would have ever thought of it?

Apart from the food, the dining experience at Rose’s also includes the environment, ambiance and the staff.  As its name implies, dining here was really luxurious.  I felt like dining at Anthropology.. all the woodwork and pretty plates. The staff were all so cheerful and seriously, where else have you dined at with free plates of samples?

So the questions I got asked most after dining here were:

Was it worth the wait?  Yes, for 1.5 hours… but no if I had to wait longer than that…

Is it the best new restaurant in America?   The food and flavours here are inventive and I had a great dinner.. but best? I haven’t eaten at other contender restaurants.

Would I go again?  For the price, no. It came to around 150 USD for 3 people.. and we weren’t full!   If there were new dishes (the menu changes frequently) and a short wait.. and if I lived in DC, then yes.


Rose’s Luxury

717 8th St SE, Washington, DC 20003, United States
+1 202-580-8889

My Jesse 吉士 obsession – Shanghai

Seriously, the only reason why I fly to Shanghai yearly is for Jesse 吉士.  The food is amazing.. …as evidenced by the outpouring of my devotion in my previous posts:  200920102012 and 2012.

This time, we went to Jesse’s for dinner all 3 nights we were in Shanghai! But what made this time extra special was that I persuaded my BFF to make a 10 hour stop in Shanghai before taking the connecting flight to Zhengzhou… Why? so we could dine at my favourite restaurant together!

A compilation of what we ate all 3 nights:

kao fu..

jelly fish head in vinegar..

ma lan tou….

salted chicken…

sauteed river shimp..

braised pork with squid 

braised amaranth with ginger..

braised fish head with scallions…

dates stuffed with glutinous rice…

glutinous rice dumplings in sweet rice wine..  The only time I tried this was the last night of my last visit.. and I only ordered 1 small bowl.  I’ve been dreaming of this for the past year.. so this time, I ordered the XXXXL version with 10+ bowls!

the new items we tried this time:pan-fried crab… loved the presentation.. so colourful!

sauteed crab meat and roe with river shimp…. I don’t like this combo because the crab roe overpowers the sweetness of the shrimp..

Ji Shi fried rice.. perfect texture and flavour! but slightly oily…

fish (carp) soup… this was so creamy, sweet and flavourful!  I like this more than their chicken soup. My VVIP foodie uncle said that he calls a day early to request this soup to be made with other seafood… I need to try that combo next time!


Jesse 吉士

No. 41, Tianping Road, Shanghai

Tel: +86-21-6282-9260

Baan Klang Nam 1 – Bangkok, Thailand

The highlight meal of this trip was seafood dinner at Baan Klang Nam.

I was extremely psyched because I read really good reviews about this restaurant.  A few taxis didn’t want to drive us there because it’s located out of touristy central Bangkok.  The taxi driver that drove us there didn’t seem to know the location.. so I kept showing him screencapped google maps!

The restaurant is so famous that there’s another branch down the road.. but obviously, I wanted to try “1”.

We made a reservation and found our name on the board.

so many celebrities! I spot Keanu Reeve and Jay Chou!

The restaurant, situated next to the river, gives off a very relaxing atmosphere..

I just went pointing and pointing at the menu and ordered so much!

steamed curry with crab meat…..  I learnt how to make this a couple months later when I went to Chiang Mai.

steamed scallops

pan-fried pomfret..

minced pork wrapped with rice flour

sauteed morning glory..

fried shrimp cake

curry crab… not as good as Somboon.. this has less egg white and less coconut..

tom yum kong.. mom said it was really good..

mango sticky rice….

taro in coconut milk..


Baan Klang Nam 1

Address: 288 Ban Klang Nam Alley, Bang Khlo, Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
Phone:+66 2 292 0175

Food Courts in Bangkok!

I wanted to try street food but since mom got diarrhea, we decided to try “street food” at the food courts.  Not an authentic experience but it seemed cleaner than the streets.

We went to Terminal 21, one of the many malls in BKK, but its food court is one of the best quality/value for money.

Food court’s in BKK requires payment with prepaid cards/coupons.  You can put in any value, buy food and the exchange leftover credit for cash.

Please excuse the un-rotated photos.. I host it on tumblr but there’s no way for me to rotate it there….

Pad Thai!



pan-fried oyster omelette

look at all the mangos!!!!!!!

mango sticky rice..

durian sticky rice in coconut milk

young coconut

Terminal 21 has a great variety of food offered for a really great price.  We also went to Paragon’s food court and the price was almost double the price at Terminal.


Pad Thai

fried rice

mango sticky rice..


Terminal 21

2,88 Sukhumvit Soi 19, Sukhumvit Rd, North Klongtoei, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Siam Paragon

 Rama 1 Rd, Pathumwan, 991, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Som Tam Nua – Bangkok, Thailand

Son Tam Nua serves Isslan dishes (northeastern Thai) and is extremely famous with both locals and tourists.

We went there at 3pm so we just missed the lunch time rush.

I didn’t know beforehand that most of the items are spicy….

som tam  (papaya salad)… this is what the restaurant is named after… it should be pretty good but I died from spiciness after the first half a bite.. even though I asked for no spice……

grilled pork cheek

fried noodles with pork

fried chicken wings

cold beer to somewhat cool down my mouth…


Son Tam Nua

Address :392/14 Siam Square Soi 5, Bangkok, Thailand
Telephone: 02 251 4880


Hoon Kuang – Bangkok, Thailand

Well.. we did do some sightseeing before the eating.  We hiked up Wat Arun and saw this amazing view of the Chao Phraya River, Grand Palace and Wat Pho.

Afterwards, we took a taxi to Chinatown for lunch and snack-shopping.

I didn’t do any research beforehand so I didn’t know what was good in Chinatown.  We asked a shop lady and she recommended this restaurant a few blocks away.

We found her recommendation, Hoon Kuang, and I was surprised with all the articles written about this restaurant.

their signature dish, prawn curry flat rice noodle…. so delicious! the curry is the egg white curry..

crab fried rice..

3 different types of appetizers.. these were fried really well….

 sauteed morning glory

We stumbled into a gem! All the dishes tasted really good!


Hoon Kuang

Soi Yaowarat 10, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Phone:+66 83 845 0845

Somboon Seafood – Bangkok, Thailand

Please bear with me.. I’ve been way behind with the blog because of all the short trips I’ve taken since my last post… Shanghai, Japan, Thailand, Japan.  The perks of living in Hong Kong!

I went to Chiang Mai last month right in the middle of the coup.. but that will be a story for the later blog posts.  First,  I’ll be blogging about last Christmas’ trip to Bangkok.   We went during the beginning of the protests and we were already kinda iffy about the situation.  Since this was our 3rd time in BKK, we mainly focused on eating and didn’t see any protesters!

Our first dining stop was to Somboon Seafood, THE place for curry crab!

Somboon is so famous that there are reports about taxi drivers driving customers to a fake Somboon…. I made sure to google-mapped it before hand!

We went there around 6pm to avoid the lineup…

curry crab! I normally don’t like curry (spicy!) but this was amazing!  Perfect mix of egg white and curry.. so the spice was mild enough. The curry had coconut in it.. so it was rather sweet and creamy.  I normally don’t eat rice but I ate a whole bowl with multiple spoonfuls of curry! So delicious! The crab was more of an afterthought.. but still good.

panfried pomfret with soysauce..

sauteed prawns and vermicelli….

sauteed morning glory

oyster omelette…  this was so good! the oysters were so fresh and juicy!

We loved Somboon so much that we came back on our last night to have curry crab again!


Somboon Seafood

Address: Bang Rak, จังหวัด กรุงเทพมหานคร Thailand; 169,169/7-12 Surawong Rd., Suriyawong, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Phone:+66 2 233 3104